Am I qualified The COVID-19 epidemic broke out in early 2020 and has last for more than two years. Many companies have to face up to digital transformation and even carry out structural changes so as not to be drown in the wave of the epidemic. “Online work” and “remote work” ” and “Work From Home” have become hot topics of discussion among major companies around the world.

According to the manager’s article sharing, the 2021 Microsoft Work Trend Index report point out that 66% of employees in Taiwan hope to maintain remote working options after the epidemic eases, and 52% of business owners prefer to resign their office space and adopt ” Hybrid office model”. News in 2020 also point out that after Twitter announc that it would allow employees to work from home permanently, Facebook further announc plans to “actively open up remote employment” and may even hire talents from all over the world so that employees can work online. A demonstration of the future of work.

What abilities are requir to work online?

Although online work and working from home have gradually Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Numbers form a new trend, not all types of work are suitable for remote completion, and not everyone can control online work. In the following paragraphs, Glints will explain in detail online What abilities are requir for the job? And take stock of 4 job vacancies suitable for online work.

Time management skills

Working online means that you won’t have a boss watching you all the time, and you won’t have colleagues who will care about what you are doing all the time. At this time, it is very easy for people to become inert Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List and drag down the overall work progress. . If you want to be competent at online work, you must overcome inertia, know how to prioritize things, and complete all tasks in a plann and plann manner within the time limit.

In addition, due to the “flexible” nature of online work, there are no clear demarcation points such as clocking in and out, commuting, etc., which can easily lead to no boundaries and mutual interference between work and life. If you cannot properly manage your time, you may be online. Going to work will only be more tiring than going to the office.